“Are you watching closely?”

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Journey of Growth

Feeling, Memory, Concept If bandwidth was limitlessHow much life data can be transmitted over the connection of You to You in a supposedly given amount of time? Pop, 2021

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world wide web whut why whep How often do you engage with the sublime that occurs all around you? Having so many notebooks that sometimes it feels like not having enough notebooks. Whatever form and shape that work for expressing. To connect or to be connected. Thoughts pouring yet zero thoughts while doing. Forgiveness and…

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Nothing is Naughty

White = all the colors Zero = all the numbers How are You   ?  I never stopped wondering, from time to time, here and there: why am I born; and why is it Me that is existing now ? . ? It feels so continuous. The “answers” I’ve collected don’t satisfy me, instead they…

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Other Dimension

I believe every individual human being, as a fact can choose to have as many different realities as we want to. Intentionally and subconsciously. It lays in the mood, the scenes, the situations you’re in, what you’re doing. When I am joining a crowd, I feel, see and react to things differently than when I…

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The Watcher

“The Watcher” I was inspired by the song – “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” by Chris Cornell, an American rock musician. The lines “And it did me wrong but it serves me right”, specifically, brought up the idea of this art. The words put me in an emotional state as it was a song that…

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