Other Dimension

I believe every individual human being, as a fact can choose to have as many different realities as we want to. Intentionally and subconsciously.

It lays in the mood, the scenes, the situations you’re in, what you’re doing. When I am joining a crowd, I feel, see and react to things differently than when I am sitting in a room with myself.

“Being by myself” comes to many other aspects too. Like being by myself when at home, the park, a certain location or a location I’ve had never been to. Your body, your mind and the senses work and process differently. I’m not trying to talk about how big or small of a difference they make, because they can be so close. But the point is, at one point in life, you realize you are ‘filled up’ with information. Or, choked up almost. “Do I understand anything anymore?”

All different “You”, all different portals that one might had not considered earlier in life which are vastly unique from one another. The “mind” in each portal stores, contains and is able to generate totally different feelings, information, relationships between the defined and the new information. Many more.

And in a world of “definition”, of rules, of measurements. It is not hard, I’d rather say very easy, for one to fall into his own trap – the presets that one has built and saved up for himself. If one believes he is a failure, he is going to choose to do the things that make him feel that way. If he isn’t feeling bad, one might think something is wrong…Because then he “isn’t himself anymore”. Because he believed.

I see it as when your beliefs are fighting with who you truly are. You are already enough. There is nothing new.

It is not hard, to lose yourself in this world of standard.

There is no hell nor heaven. There is a reality that you’re facing with though. Ask yourself, what do you define by “heaven” or “hell”? How many time have you lived them today? 

The beliefs will get ya. 

You don’t have to die to see what you deserve, will you be in “hell” or “heaven”? It is the “Now” that is happening. The only thing that decides whether you are suffering or living life. 

Does it frighten you? The idea that you’ve known already what’s ahead waiting? 

The way you see a thing is the way you see everything. 

View this art as the other world that I go to when my mind is free. That world is always active, always doing something. But. There’s no But.

The world where the mind is silent, and all I get to do here, is enjoy what “is”.

All it needs is for the owner to take a step back from the midst of this whirling physical world, feel it, visualize, and live it.

I had no intention of portraying this in the first place. It was a practice of expression like usual, somehow through it I discovered a place that feels like home – so peaceful. That same night I had a dream and I was floating in that dimension. Unforgettable. 

Other Dimension; Framed Art by Popcorn

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