Nothing is Naughty

White = all the colors?
Zero = all the numbers?

How are you? 

I never stopped wondering, from time to time, here and there: why am I born; and why is it Me that is existing now ? . ? It feels so continuous.

The “answers” I’ve collected don’t satisfy me, instead they show me that the answer is not finished, and may never be fully completed. Aye. Just now, I was thinking – I’d rather use the word “reply” instead of “an answer”. According to how I feel about just the words, plainly:

Let’s say my life = a movie with tons of cool things to happen, to explore and some or many mistakes to make and to learn

Then, answer refers to a solution to my super interesting plot, whereas reply more refers to a response.

Well at first it frightened me. It still does. Difference is the journey is packed with uncanny excitement, to watch the movie that I’m the director playing “main character”, with my eyes as the lenses, feet change the scenes and a powerful mind leads you to what’s next. 

If here’s your test in the physical world, a big one. 

Wouldn’t it be more fun that you do not know all the answers, yet? HMMMMM. There’s the tough path, there’s the not-tough path. Doesn’t mean you have to hurt nor have to be happy in those defined “good” and “bad” times. Everything is the same. You can choose what to do with your time. 

The answer to my existence can’t be squeezed into a dictionary. But it can, if I see myself, see things as a dictionary, and put the “response” that life provides (or Universal signs) into use. 

 – = – = – = –

How “important” are we? And in what “categories” does that adjective fit in if we were that important? Medals or wealth?


> What is value? < On what scale do you measure a thing’s value, let alone a person…

I don’t get it. I don’t think I want to get it really. That’s cool. If there’s the fun there’s the down. But does it matter if all I can feel is wow wow wow. 

See the thin line between living and hurting every second passes by

Why did “value” exist in the first place? Why did we need it? 

The way it functions around the world, is so vain to me. I’m not denying its existence because it’s already out there, already working as a thing, already supporting all types of emotions and actions to manifest. 

It isn’t a “bad” thing; though it does no good when you exceeds the extreme, continuously victorious or continuously defeated. You have what you have, you are what you are.

Let’s not convert us to currency

Are we simply living beings made up of particles of memories, events and a learning process that keeps happening?


Art made using pencils and markers, on A4 paper. 

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